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Azmi Abdullatif AbdulHadi & Abdullah Mohanna Al-Moaibed Co. Ltd. (AMCL) was created to leverage the knowledge and experience the owners have amassed over four decades in serving the market in the engineering services arena to diversify their portfolio of services and investments. The vision is to serve the local market by entering into partnerships & joint ventures (JVs) with other local and international companies that are not only experienced in their appropriate fields, but are also reputable by the quality of their services. The services that AMCL is targeting to offer through the various JVs and partnerships are:

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for specialized technologies serving various sectors
  • Technical Support Services (Manpower, testing & commissioning, project management, staging, inspection)
  • Manufacturing of specialized elements for the industrial sector in all its varieties and segments
  • Introduction of new state of the art green technologies that serve the various market sectors, with special emphasis on emissions control, conversion technologies, natural resources alternatives.

In evaluating any or all opportunities it is one of our main principles is the ability to provide added value to the local market. And to choose partners who are commited to technology transfer and the creation of local sustainable presence built on localized talent.

The Original Founders

AMCL is owned by two prominent Saudi Arabian Engineers, Azmi Abdulhadi and Abdullah Al Moaibed, whose personal knowledge, drive and experience have enriched the company and enhanced its fast progress.


After several years as a Government Relations Officer in SGRR and Aramco since 1950, Mr. Azmi pursued higher education and graduated in Civil Engineering from University of Texas, USA, in 1963. Immediately after graduation, he worked with Aramco for a short period and then joined Getty Oil Company (now Saudi TEXACO) in Mina Saud as an E.M&C Superintendent. In 1965, Mr. Azmi established Consulting & Design Engineering (CDE). The Ministry of Commerce and Industry granted CDE license for Engineering Consultancy work and license for Surveying work. The firm has designed numerous projects in the private sector such as palaces, Villas, schools, and other projects in surveyors and later owned and operated materials laboratories to render services to contractors and government departments. Mr. Azmi also the co-founder and Board member for Al-Shifa Medical Syringe Factory, KSA. Advance Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Co. Jordan, SEAMA, a Real Estate investment firm in Morocco, Palestinian Development & Investment Company (PADICO) in West Bank and Gaza, Real Estate Development Co., Jordan. In January 2001 he joined hands with Mr. Abdullah Al-Moaibed to establish AMCDE.


Mr. Abdulla graduated from Seattle University, USA with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1974. Starting as a site engineer in Basic Chemical Industries (a company co-founded by his father) in Dammam. He quickly moved to be its Technical Director, then Board Member in 1980. During this period he was part time Site Inspector of the Real Estate Development Fund. In 1979, together with one partner, he established National Fruit Juice Company (Danah Juice). As the Managing Director of the company, he was involved in the complete design, construction and whole operation of the plant. In 1982 he established Abdulla Al-Moaibed Engineering (AME) in Al Khobar as a successor to Arabian Business Management Services (ABMS) which has been operating since 1973 and won a GES contract with Aramco in the same year. He led the firm during this period to establish its good standing with Saudi Aramco, and at the same time diversified its activities into other areas such as SCECO, Kemya, Ar-Razi, Petrokemya, Unilube, and to the private sector to design hospitals, real estate developments private housing and other projects. In 1987, and in addition to being the Principal of AME, he carried a new responsibility as Chairman of Basic Chemical Industries in Dammam. In January 2001 he joined hands with Azmi Abdulhadi and established AMCDE.



Alliances & success

It is our philosophy, and following the footsteps of many other successful models, to create alliances and partnerships that create a local added value.
Our ambition is to create a portfolio of limited but effective entities that will make a difference. This difference may be technological, commercial or environ mental. We share such principals and values with our alliances partners and will work diligently with each and every one of them to maximize local content and localization of their services and/or products

Lurgi Arabia Limited (LAL) is a Saudi Joint Venture between Lurgi Gmbh of Germany and AMCL . LAL mission is focused on the execution of EPC projects in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region for Lurgi and Air Liquide technologies. LAL main offices are located in Al-Twairqi building in Al-Khobar . The company main clients are Saudi Aramco, SABIC , and Air Liquide Arabia.

IOTA-Arabia as International professional manpower supply company that was established in Switzerland at 1982. IOTA-Arabia has currently an office in Al-Khobar specialized in providing professionals and technical support to projects, operation and maintenance for Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Infrastructure, Water Treatment Plants and Construction industries.

IOTA-ARABIA presently operating in several countries around the world including Middle East, North & South America, Europe, Africa, and Far East. IOTA has now branches in the Middle East at Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Yemen, and Iraq. IOTA is now stationed in Al-Khobar to serve closely the Saudi growing industry with the highest quality experienced professionals.

Prestigious companies such as Satorp, Total, Saipem, Dolphin, Technip, Marafiq, SADARA, Yasref and many others have benefited from IOTA expertise in the region.

A partnership between three companies, Bahrain’s Menaisco and Saudi’s AMCL and ACWA Holding companies. Menatek strives to offer various services such as engineering design and consultancy, project and industrial manpower supply, testing/calibration, commissioning and related field services, project and construction management, program management and various specialized service offerings for the industrial, power (conventional and renewable), and infrastructure sectors in such ways that maintain the high standards put by the three entities.

The world leader in the sulphur forming and handling industry

World leading licensor, technology provider and contractor for melamine production plants



  • Localization of manufacturing

Looking for companies that have a desire to enter the Saudi market and have products which can be manufactured in Saudi Arabia and can serve the local market. It is one of our main principles is the ability to provide added value to the local market. And to choose partners who are committed to technology transfer.

  • Services & transfer of know how

There are lots of services that provide from international companies, but we face lack of local expertise so our goal is to localize the experience in many sectors (Manpower, testing & commissioning, project management, staging, inspection, specialty chemicals handing)

  • Project development

During our search for companies in different countries we encounter some modern ideas which include a type of newly developed technology. One of our main goals is studying these developed technologies and creates the opportunities to transfer these ideas to the Saudi market in collaboration with partners and investors who are interested in transferring it to us


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Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road, Rakah

Dammam Highway, Al-Khobar, KSA

P.O. Box : 3594, Al-Khobar 31952


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Tel: +966 13 85 888 77

Fax: +966 13 85 888 66

E-Mail: info@amcl-ksa.com

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